do 30. 5. / Open call: Light for Palestine

We would like  to invite all artists  around the world  to join us  in supporting Palestine  with light and hope. Project Light for Palestine of artists Yara Abu Aataya, Marie Tučková, Arnošt Kasal and David Vrbík is a light installation calling for a ceasefire and  an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  

The event will take place in Prague in April 2024 at place historically linked to a number of political events and statements. Exact location and date will be announced soon.

The strip of light symbolizes piety  and a plea for help. Through its luminous language and symbolism, the installation becomes a memorial for lost souls  and a living expression of the desire  for understanding and compassion.  The light inspires viewers to reflect  on the genocide in Gaza. The installation includes a space where people can come together to share. Encouraging international action, the project provides other artists with the possibility  of bringing their own light to cities around the world, fostering a chain reaction of hope and solidarity.

How to join project Light for Palestine?*

🔴 deadline 30th of May 


It will take 2 simple steps to get the result and join us.


1. Illuminate the sky for an hour or more using any light source in a location of your choosing. Use the medium that is closest to you. 


Some examples of approaches used by other artists could be: 


✨Strong light source (such as moving heads or conventional ones)

✨Projector (possible to use with or without fog)

✨Gobo projector

✨Any digital content


The unifying element for this light installation 

is that the light is vertical, forming a single beam directed towards the sky. 


2. Capture a portrait video in 1080×1920 

and send it to or or upload it on a disk 

in our BIO. 


At the end we will create a collage video of all artists around the world and their light. 


*this opencall is open for international artists around the globe 


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